We're launching the Expend card as a beta. You can use the card in the same way as any payment card, and things should work as expected, but there may still be one or two things in the way that the card and app work together that are slightly rough around the edges.

For example, for card transactions in the app, the supplier name we're showing are still exactly what we get from our payment provider – you’ll know who you paid, but it won’t always look pretty. But we’ll show cleaned-up supplier names, logos and even locations in the app soon.

We also think that having real-world users will help us find any issues that we might have missed. For example, you might find that your card doesn't work at a particular supplier – we'd like to know about those kinds of things. Rest assured that your funds are secure, and if you encounter an issues, we will try to sort it out as quickly as possible.

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