There is no option to activate my card

Ensure that you are signed in to the app with your Expend account, rather than your Crunch account. If you signed in with your Crunch account, you won't be able to activate your card, and you should sign out first.

To sign out, go to Settings and tap Sign Out. On the next screen, tap the I Have an Expend Account button, and then enter your Expend username and password (the details you provided when you ordered the card).

I get an “Unable to Activate Your Card” error

  • Ensure that you have entered the required details correctly.
  • If you are sure you entered the correct details, try signing out (Settings > Sign Out) and signing back in to your Expend account, and then activating again.
  • If you still get the error after signing out and signing back in, please contact use via the in-app chat. We may ask you to go to Settings > About, take a screenshot, and send it to us.
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