Create an expense claim

You can create and submit claims for expenses that you paid with your own funds or means other than your Expend card. If the items that you paid for in the transaction belong to different categories or projects, you can create separate lines for these.

  1. In the dashboard menu, click Expenses, and then click New Expense Claim.
  2. Enter the supplier/merchant name, transaction currency, and transaction date.
  3. Provide the expense item’s details: enter the amount, select the category and tax type, optionally provide additional details such as a note.
  4. Optional: To add more items, click Add Split. To remove items, click the 🅧 button. 
  5. Optional: To add attachments such as a copy of the receipt, click Upload Receipt(s) and select the file. You can add as many attachments as necessary.
  6. Click Save.

Submit a claim for review

Open the claim and click Submit in the top right corner. After submitting the claim, you can still make changes until it has been reviewed. However, you can no longer delete the claim.

Update a claim

You can make changes to a claim until it has been approved or rejected.

Update the claim details 

  1. Open the claim and click Edit.
  2. Make your changes and click Save.

Add a line item

  1. Open the claim and click Edit.
  2. Click Add Split and enter the details.
  3. Click Save.

Delete a line item

  1. Open the claim and click Edit.
  2. Go to the item you want to remove and click the đź…§ button.
  3. Click Save.

Add attachments

To add another attachment, open the claim, click Upload Receipt(s) below the existing attachments, and select the file to attach.

Delete a claim

You can delete a claim if it hasn’t been submitted for review. Open the claim, click Edit in the top right corner, click Delete, and confirm.

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