You can reconcile your Expend card transactions by exporting them to a CSV file and then uploading them to Crunch as a bank statement. (While you can also export expenses to CSV, it isn't necessary to reconcile them.)

In Expend, on the Transactions tab, tap Reports > Export All Transactions > CSV,
and then select a sharing option.

Note: Transactions marked “Pending” in the app aren't exported to the CSV file. Once “Pending” has cleared from a transaction, it will be exported.

In Crunch, go to the Banking dashboard, find the Add new list on the right of the page and select Statement. On the Upload Statement page, select your Expend account, and upload the CSV file you exported in Expend. From here, just follow the steps as they are presented by Crunch.

Note: We would love to automate the reconciliation process, but due to limitations in the Crunch API we can't do this yet. We can do this on other platforms, and we’ve have asked Crunch to improve it. Hopefully this is something they will facilitate in future. Until then, importing the CSV file of transactions generated by the Expend app is the way to do it.

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