Users of Expend and Crunch Accounting may be unsure about whether they should top up their Expend card from their main company bank account or from their personal bank account. We recommend the following when using an Expend card with Crunch:

  • Set up Expend as a company account in Crunch.
    In Crunch, go to Banking > New bank account, fill in the required details – we suggest entering “Expend” in the first two fields – and click Save bank account. Then, in Expend, go to Settings > Sync Crunch Payment Methods. Your card will become available as a payment method in the app. 
  • Top up your Expend card from your main company account.
    Record this transaction as a transfer between the two company accounts.
  • Reconcile by exporting your Expend card transactions to CSV.
    In Expend, go to  Transactions > Reports > Export All Transactions and export your transactions as a CSV file. If required, use Excel or a text editor to edit the file. You can then upload this CSV file as a statement in Crunch. To do this, go to Banking > Add new > Statement.

Topping up from your personal bank account is also a possibility, but you would miss out on some of the advantages of combining the Expend card with Crunch, such as automatic selection of the correct payment method for expenses created from your Expend card transactions.

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