1. Set up your Expend card as a payment method

Before you start using your Expend card, set it up as a payment method in Crunch. It will be selected by default as payment method for expenses created from Expend card transactions.

Step 1: Go to Crunch and log in to your account. Click the Banking tab, and then click New bank account.

Step 2: Fill in the required details (we suggest using “Expend” in the first two fields) and then click Save bank account.

Step 3: In the Expend app, go to Settings and tap Sync Crunch Payment Methods. Your card will become available as a payment method when you create an expense. (If it isn't available right away, please wait a few minutes and try again.)

2. Enable contactless by doing a Chip & PIN payment

Do your very first transaction at a standard chip and PIN terminal where you insert your card and key in your PIN. This will fully activate your card, after which contactless payments will be available.

3. Create expenses from transactions

All transactions performed with your Expend card appear on the Transactions tab. To create an expense, tap any payment transaction on the Transactions tab, and then tap Create Expense button. We'll fill in all the details captured from the card transaction. You can optionally add an image of the receipt, fill in any other details, and then tap Submit. Your expense will be synced instantly with Crunch.

You can also save the expense as a draft if you tap Cancel, and complete it later. The app shows you which transactions have been processed as expenses with labels on the right. An “Expense” label means the expense has been submitted.

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