You can set your Expend card to be selected by default as payment method for expenses created from Expend card transactions.

To add your Expend card as a payment method:

  1. In Crunch, go to Banking and click the New bank account button.
  2. Fill in the required details (we recommend you use “Expend” for both) and then click Save bank account.
  3. In the Expend app, go to Settings and tap Sync Crunch Payment Methods.

After syncing, Expend will be listed as a payment method when you create an expense (it looks something like this: “Company debit card - Expend”).

If the new payment method isn't there right away, wait a minute or two and sync again (Settings > Sync Crunch Payment Methods).

Once the new payment method is available in the app, the Expend debit card option will automatically be selected for all expenses created from Expend card transactions.

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