VAT rate

When syncing an expense with Crunch, in some cases the expense doesn't have the corresponding VAT % selected. For example, when you select Reduced - 5% in the VAT field in Expend, the VAT % selected in the drop-down list in Crunch shows Standard. Similarly, if you select Exempt and Outside of Scope in Expend, the selected VAT % in Crunch is Zero. However, note that the Net total and VAT total is still calculated and displayed correctly.

Special characters in Supplier names

If you create a new Supplier in Expend, and the name contains special characters (such as accented letters or non-English characters), you may find that the Supplier's name in Crunch has a variety of strange symbols in place of these characters. This is because of a character encoding issue. You can fix the name in Crunch, and the correct name will sync to Expend when you refresh or restart the app.

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