We had some reports of users being signed out unexpectedly after updating to version 2.9 of the Expend app, and their expenses being cleared as a result. First off, we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Version 2.10 provides a temporary fix that will prevent any expenses from being cleared after signing out of the app. Note that if you've connected Expend to Crunch previously, you’ll need to connect to Crunch again in Settings.

There is some room for improvement in how we store expenses, and we are working on that aspect of our system. We initially conceived the app as a means of getting expenses into Crunch. After an expense has been submitted, no further changes can be made in the app (although it can be edited in Crunch, if necessary). We also don't store expenses in our cloud database, where we store Expend card transactions, since the expenses already reside in Crunch (if they were synced). Expenses created in the app are only stored locally, on the device. It's always been the case that all expenses were cleared when you sign out of the app. Unfortunately, the same happened when you were inadvertently signed out.

When an expense is removed in the app, the app doesn't currently remember if you created an expense from an Expend card transaction. We're working on fixing this as we speak. The plan is to store all the expenses in the cloud and to keep track properly of how they relate to transactions. This also means that expenses will appear on all your devices, not just the one you created it on.

For now, the correct way to know if you've expensed something, is to follow the reconciliation process in Crunch as you usually do.

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