To use your Expend card with your Xero account, you need to:

  • Connect your Expend and Xero accounts and configure syncing (for details, continue reading this article)
  • Activate your Expend card and use it to pay for business expenses
  • Create expense reports for transactions

The order of the first two steps isn't too important. You can set up Xero syncing before you've received your Expend card, and you can start using your card before setting up syncing – all the transactions are synced to Xero as soon as the setup is complete.

Connecting to Xero

  1. In your desktop browser, go to You're prompted to log in using the QR code on the page.
  2. Open Expend on your phone, tap Settings and tap Sign in to Web.
  3. Use your iPhone's camera to scan the QR code shown in your browser. The Expend dashboard will open on the Provider Syncing page.
  4. In the Xero box, click Manage Syncing.
  5. Follow the steps to connect to Xero and configure syncing.

Configure your sync settings

All setup and configuration for syncing Expend with Xero is done on the page headed “1. Manage your connection to Xero”. You can return to this page to update your configuration. Your updated settings will apply to all future transactions and expenses.

Note: For security, dashboard sessions expire after a period of inactivity. If your session expires, you’ll be prompted to scan the QR code used to log in again.


Connecting to Xero

  1. Click the Connect button to connect your Xero account and your Expend account. You’ll be redirected to Xero.
  2. Click Allow Access to authorise Expend to access your Xero data. You’ll be returned to the Expend dashboard to continue setup.

Disconnecting from Xero

This part of the page also shows whether Expend is currently connected to Xero. To.disconnect and stop syncing, simply click the Disconnect button.


You can enter a code up to 5 digits long. This group of numbers will start the account code for each Expend card connected to you Xero account. This means that all the cards will be grouped together in your Xero Chart of Accounts. 

You may want to specify a code that groups Expend with your bank accounts in Xero. These accounts are shown with their account codes below the Account Prefix box, to help you choose a code. If you are unsure about what code to use, please consult your accountant.

Note: This step only needs to be completed the first time you set up syncing.


Expend needs two new accounts, Uncategorised Expenses and Fund Control, in your Xero Chart of Accounts. They will be used to record transactions made with your Expend card and to keep track of money loaded into your account.

Note: This step only needs to be completed the first time you set up syncing.

Click the Create account button for each and enter an account code in the form that opens. The account you create is automatically selected and shown in the drop-down list next to the button when you finish.

The first time you do this configuration, you should create new accounts and not use existing accounts. The drop-down list is only provided in case something goes wrong, and the accounts you create aren’t selected automatically (for example, if your dashboard session expires and you are logged out before you can complete the configuration). If that happens, you can select the accounts you created from the drop-down lists provided.


When you submit an expense report for a transaction in Expend, you can select a category for that expense, such as Travel, Entertainment, Office supplies, and so on. Using the category you selected, Expend files it to the appropriate account in your Xero Chart of Accounts. In this section, you can set up which Expend category maps to which Xero account.

If you don't find the account you need, you can create one and Expend will set it up for you in Xero. Simply click Create account and enter the details in the form that opens. Note that the account will be created in Xero as with the account type “Expense” and tax setting “Zero Rated Expenses”. You can change this in your Xero Chart of Accounts if needed.

Please note: Xero accounts that you want to map must be available for expense claims. If you don’t see the account you want to use in the drop-down list, you may need to make it available for expense claims in your Xero Chart of Accounts. In Xero, go to Settings > Chart of Accounts, select the Expenses tab, select the appropriate account, and ensure that the Show in Expense Claims box is selected. After making a change in Xero, return to the Expend dashboard and click Refresh accounts to retrieve an updated list of accounts.

Saving your configuration

Click Save and Sync to finish and save your configuration. If you make changes in the future, your updated settings will apply to all new transactions and expenses.

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