If your card has been lost, it can be locked to prevent it from being used for any transactions. It may also be locked automatically because of a suspect purchase. If that happens, and you are certain that there hasn't been an illegitimate purchase, you can unlock your card using the Expend app or dashboard.


  1. Tap the menu button and select Cards.
  2. Select the card.
  3. On the Card screen, tap Unlock Card.


  1. Go to app.expend.io and sign in with your Expend account details.
  2. Click Account & Cards.
  3. Pick out your card and click the lock icon, so that you see a open lock:

Need more help?

If you need help, please use the Chat feature within the app, or use the following contact details:

Email: help@expend.io
Phone: +44 (0)203-828-7711

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