If an Expend card has been lost or a cardholder at your company is leaving, you can cancel the card. If a card needs to be replaced, cancelling it is also the first thing you need to do before you can order a replacement.

To cancel an Expend card, do the following:

1. Remove any remaining balance from the card

If the card is an Expend Classic Card, to which you transfer funds, first return any funds that are still on the card to your float account.

Note: Returning funds is not necessary for an Expend Budget Card

  1. On the dashboard, click Cards in the menu and find the card.
  2. Find the card you and click the button.
  3. Enter the remaining card balance in Amount.
  4. Click Return. The balance is transferred from the card back to your organisation's float account.

2. Lock the card

  1. Staying on the Cards page, go to the card and click the ⚙ button on the right.
  2. Set the Enable Card slider to the OFF position.
  3. Click Close

On the Cards page, the card now shows Locked.  No transactions will be allowed on the card while it is locked.

3. Let us know

Notify us so we can formally cancel and close the card. You can simply send us a message using the in-app chat or your Expend dashboard.

Replacing a card

If a card has been lost and needs to be replaced, ensure that you have removed any remaining funds, locked the card, and notified us to cancel it – all the steps described above. Once we’ve confirmed with you that the card has been cancelled, you can order a replacement card.

Follow the normal steps for ordering a card, as described here: Order an Expend card. You’ll need to go to Cards, click the Order Card button, select the member, and click Order to confirm.

Note that it isn’t possible to order a new card for a user that already has (or had) a card before their existing card has been cancelled.

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