If you pay for a purchase using your Expend card and the items belong to different categories or projects, you can create separate lines for these. Each can have a different category and tax type.

In the Expend app, the details you can enter are currently for entire transaction only (so just one line is created). However, if you need to “split” the purchase into multiple items/lines, this can be done on the Expend dashboard.

To split an expense:

  1. In the dashboard menu, click My Expenses, and then select the expense.
  2. Click Add Split, then enter the amount, select the category and tax type, and optionally provide additional details such as a note.
  3. Click Save.

You can also amend these lines/items as required:

Edit an item

Open the expense and click Edit. Make the necessary changes and click Save.

Delete an item

Open the expense and click Edit. Go to the item you want to remove and click the 🅧 button. Click Save.

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